With your help, we're investing in our community, one wash at a time.

We're dedicated to bettering the communities we are a part of, that's why we're choosing to give back. Thanks to our customers, last year we donated over $3,000. In 2021 we're committed to donating $10,000 to local non-profit organizations.

This quarter we're proud to support

Advocating with the marginalized, empowering the vulnerable, partnering with the willing, and focusing on Human Rights for the survivors of Human Trafficking and the extreme poor.

We stand on the belief that we we belong to each other. We envision a world dominated by love and generosity. We believe in looking at social issues through a global lens in order to bring human rights to every person. At Mission 108 we are passionate about education as a means of prevention. If students know their worth, purpose, and potential, they are less likely to become the victims of trafficking. We have partnered with organizations, such as Peace Corps in Ecuador, and Refuge for Women, in Kentucky, to bring education to middle and high school students. The response has been inspiring and we are excited to continue these programs!

Do you know a wonderful and local non-profit that you think we should support? Let us know about them below!

Who we've partnered with in the past.